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Foreth Fiberglass Profiles

  • Author:Arion Shu
  • Source:Foreth
  • Release on:2018-03-10
Foreth profiles are glass fiber reinforced composite products with superior physical and chemical properties that are alternatives to traditional building elements such as steel, aluminium, wood or concrete.

Our FRP composite profiles are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin, and the outer surface layer is continuously coated with a threaded polyester surface felting. This combination allows the products to be highly resistant to corrosion as well as of high strength.

Our company is able to manufacture FRP profiles in standard structure in different types and sizes, and there is a wide range of products in this context. In addition to this, we are able to produce to meet our customer demands with the use of special types of resins and chemical additives suitable for the required usage conditions. In addition, up to professional CAD drawings, production can be carried out with special measures to meet your specifications.