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Hydroponics Overview Technique and Advantages

  • Author:Arion Shu
  • Source:Foreth
  • Release on:2018-04-14
1) Hydroponic Overview
Hydroponics is a new type of plant soilless culture method, also known as nutrient solution culture. Its core is to directly infiltrate the root system of plants in nutrient solution. This nutrient solution can replace soil and provide water and nutrients to plants. Oxygen and other growth factors allow plants to grow normally.

In the soil, organic matter is converted into mineral nutrients needed for plant growth through the decomposition of soil microorganisms and animals. The water in the soil dissolves these mineral nutrients (usually present in the ionic state) so that it can be absorbed by the roots of the plant. In order for the plant to achieve a balanced nutrition, the various substances in the soil must meet the optimal ratio, and it is regrettable that such "perfect" soil is rare in nature. After hydroponics, the plants can directly absorb nutrients and moisture from the nutrient solution through the roots. People can manually adjust the balanced solution to achieve a balanced "diet" of the plant. This is obviously much easier than finding the perfect soil. Because these solutions are contained in containers, they can be recycled, do not flow into the soil and have an impact on the environment, safe, reliable and sustainable.

2) Hydroponic Technologies
There are four kinds of common hydroponic technologies, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and has a relatively large number of actual production applications.
   A. Deep Flow Technique (Abbreviated DFT)
   B. Nutrient Film Technique (Abbreviated NFT)
   C. Floating Capillary Hydroponics (Abbreviated FCH)
   D. Aeroponics

Among them, NFT is mostly applied to new Vege Plants that are currently builting. NFT Hydroponic Trays (Plant Trays) are made of lightweight plastics. The facility structure is light and simple, easy to install, easy to disassemble, and has low investment costs.
Hydroponic Tray Manufacturer

3) Hydroponic Applications
  (A) for hydroponics vegetables
     The cultivation of pollution-free green food is healthy and safe and is highly valued by people.
  (B) for hydroponic flowers
     Hydroponic flowers have the advantages of cleanliness and hygiene, convenient maintenance, etc., and are particularly suitable for indoor furnishings and are deeply loved by consumers.
  (C) for the cultivation of medicinal plants
    Many medicinal plants are rooted plants, and the root growth environment is very critical. Hydroponics, especially mist culture, can provide a good environment for the growth of medicinal plant roots. Therefore, the planting effect is very obvious.

4) Hydroponic Addvantage
  1. Product quality, safety and health.
  2. It can be quantified in plant factories.
  3. Regardless of the season, it is affected by the natural environment.
  4. Save fertilizer.
  5. High economic efficiency.